Si 12 or Sex

si12.jpgHere is an interesting article exploring reactions to sex in the context of how the Western world and the Islamic world treat it. Even though both are decidedly opposite reactions, one flaunting it, the other forcibly repressing it, both are the same: they are both reactions. Given the perspective in this Fourth Way article it helps to clarify where oneself sits in the scale of reaction to sex, either trying to repress it or to flaunt it. It opens questions for myself.

Article: The Abuse & Use of Si 12

The Life & Teachings of Carlos Castaneda

castaneda.jpgAn interesting book has just been released and published. It is about Carlos Castaneda’s life and teachings. I had read a number of his books a long time ago and while the first few books were very interesting and inspiring because they were about sorceric Knowledge in Mexico, but it started to become a bit strange around the 4th or 5th book. That is where I stopped reading them. I look forward to reading this book soon and writing my thoughts about it.

The book is located at this site Gurdjieff Legacy Bookstore