Ages, ages, Come and go, Love, sadness, loneliness, gladness, Here for a time. Ages, ages, Come and go, Blossoming like a rose, Here for a time. Ages, ages, Come and go, What is Imperishable, Here for ever.

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The Fourth Way

Gurdjieff’s Mission

Gurdjieff came to give the western world a shock in the hope to advert the destruction of the world. What is different is the stress on man’s individual development within group work. Quite different than our belief and hope in salvation through mass movements of religion, politics and philosophy. The full video for this trailer …

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Men Who Cook

Some friends and I are cooks for hire. We do full service (appetizer & champagne, 4-course dinner with wine and after dinner drinks), appetizer & wine/champagne service and buffet service. We customize every dinner we do so we are great for those special occasions and celebrations for you and your friends. We can be emailed …

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