The Gurdjieff Journal Issue #55 Volume 14 Issue 3

The new issue of The Gurdjieff Journal is available. Here is a listing of articles pertinent to our times.

Working with the Seven Deadly Sins—2011 AD
J. G. Bennett & the Inner Barrier  Part II
Sri Aurobindo—The Man & His Teachings  Part II
In Search of the Soul  Part XIII: Sikhism
The Art of Love by Margaret Anderson  Part II
Poem: Returning
Frank Lloyd Wright Comes to Dinner

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Mayan End of World Prediction Explored in Film

Museum of Natural Science in Houston explores the Mayan endate. Sumners says the end of Maya time periods generally were regarded the same way we look at such things as the start of a new century or a new millennium. “It seems to be a cause of celebration. There does not seem to be any indication in the Maya writings of great disaster.

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