William Patrick Patterson

wpp-webphoto5A new website is available showing William Patrick Patterson’s  biography and activities in The Fourth Way; detailing announcements, books and films he has written and produced, audio interviews, and publications of The Gurdjieff Journal.

Here is the lead in on the home page:

William Patrick Patterson is a leading exponent and teacher of The Fourth Way. He is in the direct lineage from Mr. Gurdjieff to Lord John Pentland, the remarkable man Gurdjieff appointed to lead the Work in America. Mr. Patterson is the founder of The Gurdjieff Legacy Foundation, The Online Fourth Way School, and The Gurdjieff Journal (est. 1992), the first and only domestic and international Fourth Way journal. He leads study groups, gives seminars and has written nine books, as well as written-directed-narrated six films on The Fourth Way.


Fourth Way Seminar

William Patrick Patterson explores
What Are Humans For?

Friday, December 2 – Monday, December 5, 2016

La Casa de Maria Retreat Center
Santa Barbara, California

Casa de Maria
Casa de Maria

Through guided active-being meditation, Conscious Body-Breath Impressions™, dialogue and private interviews, William Patrick Patterson explores the theme. Open to all levels of simplicity. No previous experience necessary.

For more information visit The Gurdjieff Legacy Foundation.