The Fourth Way

The Gurdjieff Journal Issue #51

The new issue of The Gurdjieff Journal is out. Some of the interesting articles in this issue is an exploration of the only thing that is certain in an uncertain time: “Certainty in a Time of Uncertainty.” Also a look at how Buddhism views the soul in “In Search of the Soul, Part IX, Buddhism, Part I.” The basis of self-transformation, prolonging our time in the physical body in order to develop other higher bodies in the article, “Gurdjieff, Food & The Prolongation of Human Life, Part I.” “A Visit of Gurdjieff’s Institute” gives a view of Gurdjieff and his Teaching. A Probe on taking the good or bad end of the stick: “Good Stick, Bad Stick.” An essay investigating Gurdjieff’s birth date: “When was Gurdjieff Born—1866, 1872,1877?” Also, “Pinder at Lunch,” “Sayings of Substance” and “Letters.”

This issue can be seen at Gurdjieff-Legacy.Org.

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