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Teachers of No-thing & Nothing: Eating the “I” Parts II & III

by William Patrick Patterson

With this book, his tenth and last, William Patrick Patterson completes his spiritual memoir. Eating The “I”, the first part, published in 1992, focused on his experience with his teacher Lord John Pentland, the man Mr. Gurdjieff chose to lead The Fourth Way in America. Questioning what is the self in self-remembering brought Patterson to the Dane Alfred Sorensen, given the name “Sunyata” by Ramana Maharshi who saw him as a rare-born mystic. Sunyata told him, “The witness is a high state, but only a state.” Through Sunyata, he met Jean Klein, the European Advaita master who holds that “Absence is the greatest presence.”

280 pp. Color photos, References, Bibliography, Index

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