The Gurdjieff Journal

Current Issue – #83 Volume 21 Issue 3

Issue Articles

Now What?
Gurdjieff & UFOs — The Facts Revealed
Parabola Magazine & the Creation of The Gurdjieff Journal &….
Book Review: Time & Free Will by Henri Bergson
Atis, the Bloodless Sacrifice Part I, Chapter XIII (Part 2)
Kultur, Sayings and Letters

The Gurdjieff Journal, established in 1992, is the first journal, international-domestic, devoted exclusively to G.I. Gurdjieff’s teaching of The Fourth Way.

Published triannually, the intention of The Gurdjieff Journal is to observe and report upon the contemporary world “mercilessly, without any compromise whatsoever.” Through original research, timely feature articles, essays, interviews and book and film reviews, the principles, perspectives and practices of the teaching are explored and applied to everyday living.

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