Giant Maya Carvings in Guatemala


Recently found in the Maya city of Holmul in the northeastern Petén Basin region in Guatemala, near the modern-day border with Belize, is an enormous frieze—which measures 26 feet by nearly 7 feet (8 meters by 2 meters)—depicts human figures in a mythological setting, was discovered in July 2013 in the buried foundations of a rectangular pyramid in Holmul.

The frieze is very well preserved and even though most of the paint is faded away now, traces of red, blue, green, and yellow paint are still visible on the frieze.

The section of the temple at Holmul where the frieze was found dates back to about A.D. 590, which corresponds to the Maya classical era, a period defined by the power struggles between two major Maya dynasties: Tikal and Kaanul.

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