Occupy Wall Street – Occupy Yourselves

The new website Occupy Wall Street – Occupy Yourselves explores the deeper question of what is occurring with this movement and more importantly: How can we occupy ourselves? There is the latest news on the Occupy Movement, as well as a history of how the movement started. Videos and photos are posted as the events happen.

Website Features:

The videos page will have an ongoing video series exploring the deeper meaning of how to occupy ourselves and ways to explore in doing this.

There will be photos updated on a weekly basis.

There are books and magazines related to what is needed in order to occupy ourselves.

The Calendar will have up to date news on some of the larger news stories happening with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Takes will give you an understanding of how this movement has started and has become what we are seeing today.

Please visit the events page for a listing of events related to occupying ourselves.

Adi Da Samraj Realized or/and Deluded?

New book by William Patrick Patterson

The first critical assessment of the life of Adi Da Samraj and his teachings. Born he said in the “Bright,” with his kundalini risen after only a few years of practice, Franklin Jones had a breakthrough into the pointless point of view. Young, hip, articulate and funny, this first American-born guru had a meteoric rise, bringing him thousands of seekers until the sex scandals brought a public shaming and his withdrawal to a Fijian island hermitage where he, now Adi Da Samraj, announced he was God Incarnate.

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