The Gurdjieff Journal

Current Issue – #83 Volume 21 Issue 3 Issue Articles Now What?Gurdjieff & UFOs — The Facts RevealedParabola Magazine & the Creation of The Gurdjieff Journal &….Book Review: Time & Free Will by Henri BergsonAtis, the Bloodless Sacrifice Part I, Chapter XIII (Part 2)Kultur, Sayings and Letters The Gurdjieff Journal, established in 1992, is the …

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The Fourth Way


The Gurdjieff Journal #70 Volume 18 Issue 2 is now available. Articles are as follows. Gurdjieff & Pythagoras—The Hyperborean Apollo Part II The Gurdjieff Journal—70 Issues New Probe: Subject Determines the Object, Unless… Poems of… Golden Verses of Pythagoras Letters Sayings of Substance Kultur For more information visit The Gurdjieff Legacy Foundation.

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