Book Collection

The Journey of the Soul
by Daniel G. Brinton
An address showing the common underlying similarities in the mythologies of the souls journey held by the Egyptian, Aryan and Aztec peoples.

Were the Toltecs a Historic Nationality?
by Daniel G. Brinton
Mr. Brinton argues Tula was merely one of the towns built and occupied by that tribe of the Nahuas known as Azteca or Mexica and its inhabitants were called Toltecs, but there was never any such distinct tribe or nationality; they were merely the ancestors of this branch of the Azteca and the Toltec “empire” is a baseless fable.

Nagualism. A Study in Native American Folk-lore and History.
by Daniel G. Brinton
A history and in-depth study of Nagualism of Mesoamerica. Other ideas studied are Nagual and Tonal, which anyone who has an interest in Carlos Castaneda’s books will find quite illuminating considering it was originally written in 1894 and Castaneda was born in 1925.

The Book of the People: Popol Vuh
by Delia Goetz and Sylvanus Griswold Morley
from Adrián Recino’s translation
from Quiché into Spanish
This book, written shortly after the Spanish Conquest by a Quiché Indian who had learned to read and write Spanish, is generally known as the Popol Vuh, Popol Buj, Book of the Council, Book of the Community, the Sacred Book, or National Book of the Quiché, and it contains the cosmogonical concepts and ancient traditions of this aboriginal American people, the history of their origin, and the chronology of their kings down to the year 1550.The name of its author and the fate of his original manuscript, which remained hidden for more than 150 years, are unknown. Father Ximénez, who found it in his parish at Santo Tomás Chichicastenango, transcribed the original Quiché text and translated it into Spanish under the title Historias del origen de los Indios de esta Provincia de Guatemala. This transcription, in the handwriting of this priest-historian, is still preserved; but no information has survived concerning the original document written in the Quiché tongue.

The Books of Chilan Balam, The Prophetic and Historic Records of the Mayas of Yucatan.
by Daniel G. Brinton
An address of the prophetic and historic records of the Mayas of the Yucatan.

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