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Some friends and I are cooks for hire. We do full service (appetizer & champagne, 4-course dinner with wine and after dinner drinks), appetizer & wine/champagne service and buffet service. We customize every dinner we do so we are great for those special occasions and celebrations for you and your friends.

We can be emailed at and videos of a buffet and full service job can be viewed here Men Who Cook & Serve (& Clean Up, Too!) Videos


tie.jpgI have been in my drawing class for a few months now and it is enjoyable and a challenge. The drawing here is a tie in a knot I did a few weeks ago.

My instructor is Salvatore Victor. What is interesting is he teaches to see what you are drawing, whereas we usually draw the old image in our minds of the thing that we are looking at. This allows the image to come into you and then to your paper. It is a freeing of the old images, ideas and symbols we have stuck in our minds blocking us from seeing what is in front of us.

I also read an article recently about an artist (in the true sense of the word) who put it this way:

“What I want to show in my work is the idea which hides itself behind so-called reality. I am seeking for the bridge which leads from the visible to the invisible, like the famous cabbalist who once said: ‘If you wish to get hold of the invisible, you must penetrate as deeply as possible into the visible.’ To penetrate is to go through.”

The article was about Max Beckman, Artist in Search of the Self and below are some of his works.

Max Beckmann Paintings

Origin of Esoteric Knowledge

I just saw a very interesting trailer on It is a video of Mr. Gurdjieff’s search and discovery of the origin of esoteric knowledge as he said before the birth of Christ. Incredibly, it is to be found in prehistoric Egypt. The video comes from Gurdjieff Legacy. There is more information at Gurdjieff in Egypt and the DVD is available in the Gurdjieff Legacy Bookstore.

Talk on The Life & Teachings of Carlos Castaneda

index_17_2.pngThere is a talk on The Life & Teachings of Carlos Castaneda this coming Wednesday February 20th, in Sacramento at East West Books. Starts at 7:00 PM. Also, in San Rafael the following evening Thursday, February 21st, at the Open Secret Bookstore starting at 7:30 PM. Both look to be great talks on the influence of Castaneda, past and present, don Juan’s identity, the meaning of Castaneda’s “jump into the abyss,” the life of the Nagual and his witches, and the primary source of Castaneda’s ideas—Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way. They both include guided meditation and Conscious Body/Breath Impressions. It is sponsored by Gurdjieff Legacy.

Si 12 or Sex

si12.jpgHere is an interesting article exploring reactions to sex in the context of how the Western world and the Islamic world treat it. Even though both are decidedly opposite reactions, one flaunting it, the other forcibly repressing it, both are the same: they are both reactions. Given the perspective in this Fourth Way article it helps to clarify where oneself sits in the scale of reaction to sex, either trying to repress it or to flaunt it. It opens questions for myself.

Article: The Abuse & Use of Si 12

The Life & Teachings of Carlos Castaneda

castaneda.jpgAn interesting book has just been released and published. It is about Carlos Castaneda’s life and teachings. I had read a number of his books a long time ago and while the first few books were very interesting and inspiring because they were about sorceric Knowledge in Mexico, but it started to become a bit strange around the 4th or 5th book. That is where I stopped reading them. I look forward to reading this book soon and writing my thoughts about it.

The book is located at this site Gurdjieff Legacy Bookstore

Expression, Knowledge and Origin of Ancient Mesoamerica, Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way Teaching and more!