The Fourth Way

The Gurdjieff Journal #82

The Gurdjieff Journal #82

The new issue of The Gurdjieff Journal, #82 is just out!

Established in 1992, the Journal is the first and only publication devoted to Mr. Gurdjieff’s teaching of The Fourth Way. Its editor and founder is William Patrick Patterson, a leading international exponent and teacher of The Fourth Way.

Timely, informative, and based on original research, the Journal explores esoteric and societal issues of our day through a rich array of articles, essays and reviews. It offers new perspectives on the teaching and ways to apply the teaching to one’s ordinary life.

Here is what awaits you in the newest issue:

  • The Erosion of Spirituality  Part II
  • Eternal Recurrence: Thought, Theory or Truth  Part II
  • Book Review: Learning to Love: On the Way of Experience by Barbara Wright George
  • Pseudo Work & Sharon Gans
  • Atis, the Bloodless Sacrifice Part I, Chapter XIII (Part I)
  • James George 1918–2020
  • Kultur, Sayings & Letters

Pricing for all subscriptions—domestic and international:
4 issues—$18.00; 8 issues—$30.00; 12 issues—$40.00. Issues sent in PDF format.

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